The making of Tusamehe was necessary in my point of view. AIDS is a major issue right now across the globe. One has to look at the numbers to understand the extent of the devastation of this disease. Coming from a continent that has seen the worst of this killer disease, it was only natural that we make a small contribution towards education through this movie medium.

As you knowimg_0096 the majority of the victims live on less than $1.00 a day. The cost of combating this disease is very expensive. To think that the poor masses will be able to afford the medication needed to improve their standard of living is very wrong. On the other side, the richer who control the majority of world resources have decided to act very cautiously towards providing some assistance to combat the disease. While the debate of who should get what in terms of medication lingers on, people are still dying in masses. Some countries have their life expectancy dropped to less than 40 years and the number of orphans keeps rising every second.

Our story is about the effects of AIDS as told from one victim’s point of view. Certainly, the characters experiences do not compare to a lot of victims experiences. However, it is an educational tool that will make a viewer learn how one can never predict who has the disease and who does not.

TUSAMEHE was an easy story to write since most of it was based on my own experiences from my family’s struggles with the effects of the disease as well as the experiences from my friends, classmates and many accounts from the media and some research.

By the time you finish watching this movie you will understand a few facts about AIDS and you will have a first hand look at how a group of friends deal with their ailing colleague. Hopefully, you will also understand how to interpret current events in the popular media covering the fight against AIDS.

screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-8-07-29-pmTusamehe is about 60% in Swahili with English subtitles. Swahili is a language spoken by over 100 million people. Yet it is much underserved when it comes to movies. This is a continued commitment of Kibira Films International to produce movies in Swahili. Our hope is that this will inspire others to use the language in future productions.

Special thanks go to all actors and crew who have volunteered their time and talents to make this project take shape.



Meet Bilantanya Moses Bakeyemba, a successful individual from Bongoland living in the years of plenty. He holds a job as a senior marketing manager for a multinational corporation.  He marries a  woman from Bongoland. Soon they’re expecting their first child.
All is well until Bilantanya’s former girlfriend, who does not approve of his new wife, attempts control. He learns he’s HIV positive, and when his health deteriorates and he seeks forgiveness for his mistakes—selfishness, arrogance, infidelity and betrayal while praying for a chance to see his son born. As part of the broader scope of Tusamehe, a sub-theme of the story draws attention a disparity that has left many people in developing countries helpless.
To make matters worse, many hold false assumptions about  people with HIV and the choices they mad as if they have the power and resources to make any choice, good or bad. “Tusamehe makosa yetu” – “Forgive us our trespasses” – is a sad but informative account of one victim’s harrowing journey on a very narrow one way road.



Fundi Kibwana                                    Bilantanya Moses Bakeyemba

Blandina Donald as                              Salome Kizito

Emma Kasiga as                                    Yuni

Robert Kataraiya as                              Kipara

Peter Omari as                                       Rev. Makengele

Chemi Che-Mponda                             Mama Kurusumu

Hassan Omari as                                   The Secretary General

LuAnn Kibira as                                     Bilantanya’s

Doctor Mike Wooten as                        Salome’s Doctor

Onesmo Kibira as                                   Dennis

KariAnn Craig as                                    Cindy

Andrea Jackson as                                  Bilantanya’s secretary

Rev. Ron Johnson as                              Father

Christina Sedlacek as                             Bilantanya’s Nurse “Gena”

Ben Allen as                                             Drug Company CEO

Maisara Abebe as                                    Helga

Gina Williams                                          Girl #1 in the office

Paris Cannedey                                        Girl # 2 in the office

Brian Holmes                                            Bilantanya’s Boss

Ombeni Goss                                             Salome’s baby

Aaron Cross                                                Assisting Doctor

Tom Jung                                                    Doctor

Karen Green Jung                                     Nurse

Rob Hart ..                                                  Reporter # 1

Nathan Lassen                                           Reporter # 2

Lameck K. Omariba                                  Reporter # 3

Matt Olson                                                  Reporter # 4

Roger Olson                                                Employee at the Drug Co

Mary Olson                                                 Employee at the Drug Co

Edmund Lweyunga Ijumba                    Radio DJ “Da Voice”

Mukama Morandi                          Guest in the Restaurant

Attelia Scott                                   Guests in the Restaurant

Johannes Kataraiya                        Guest at the wedding

Abela Kataraiya                             Guest at the wedding

Erick Vedasto                                 Guest at the wedding

Annette Kaduri                               Guest at the wedding

Ashiseta Lema                                Bridesmaid

Evelyn Vedasto                               Bridesmaid
Jackie Kritzeck                               Organist at the wedding
Hannah Kritzeck                            Flower girl

Sean Sisler                                     Nurse
Sharon Morgan                              Nurse
Katie Morgan                                 Nurse
Maria Lidstone                               Nurse
Kari J. Krankkala                           Nurse
Prasanna, Jadaprolu                       Mourner at the funeral
Prashanth Jadaprolu                       Mourner at the funeral
Shari Goss                                      Mourner at the funeral
Alissa Holmes                                Mourner at the funeral
Matt David Nungesser                  Mourner at the funeral

Alyssa Thibedeau                          Mourner at the funeral
Roberta Sing                                  Mourner at the funeral
Diane Vorolson                              Mourner at the funeral
Angela Hettenbach                        Mourner at the funeral


Jeff Green                                      Director of Photography
Christopher Audet                          Assistant Director

Producer/Production Designer

Mark Fischer                                 Audio Engineer
Matt Olson                                    Assistant Editor/Prod.
Assistant Bethany Krause            Wardrobe and Makeup

Stage Manager

Sara Akari                                     1st camera
Namara Kiira                                1st Production Assistant
Onesmo Kibira                              Casting Director
Joe Isaacs                                       Production Assistant
Phil Kibira                                     Production Assistant
Amanda Kramer                            Production Assistant
Molly Wooten                                Production Assistant
Josiah Kibira                                  Writer/Producer
Josiah Kibira                                   Director


“Save The World” by Mukama Morandi
“Ni Wewe Pekee” by Lucy Nombo Lutabanzibwa
“What now” by Alyssa Thibedeau

“Rise Up” by Valerian Rugalabamu
“Safari” by Fadhil Nkurlu
“Wazee wa kale” by Fadhil Nkurlu
“Baba Yetu Uliye Mbinguni” – Instr version – Fadhil Nkurlu
“Baba Yetu Uliye Mbinguni” by Abela Kibira and Ibura Luthrean Church Choir Bukoba
“Anamelemeta” by Ibura Choir Bukoba,
“Mungu wangu, Mungu wangu” Ibura Choir Bukoba
“Waswahili” by Valerian Rugalabamu
“Tarakimu” by Valerian Rugalabamu
“Ukimwi” by Valerian Rugalabamu
“Olushengo” by Msafiri Kibira